White SIS440 caulking cartridge

305ml cartridge

For about 12ml of 5x5mm seal

Available in 592ml

Color: white, gray or black

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TDS Deck Sealant is a one-part, paste-like neutral cure system which when exposed to moisture in  the  air  reacts  to  form  a  tough,  flexible  solid  rubber  compound. The  sealant  is  a  thixotropic  material,  and when  cured,  has  excellent  temperature  stability  and  chemical  resistance. Because  the  sealant  is  neutral cure, it is non-corrosive to all substrates. No Primer Necessary.

His advantages :
• Without primary
• Excellent resistance to UB and Chemicals
• Do not drip, do not sag
• Long and excellent shelf llife (18 months) and up to 2 months after opening
• Available in black, gray and white
• Available in cartridge (305ml) or in sausage (592ml)

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Product Details

Data sheet

Box of 12
12ml for a 5x5mm seal
Methyl tris(2-butanoneoxime) Silane
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