Discover the specialist in resins and composite panels!

Directeck (The specialist of Burmese teak) evolves and has developed Résine-net (The specialist of resins and composites).

Anxious to meet all your needs and to offer you the best solutions, we have launched a new website: www.resine-net.com, where you will find our range of products Teakdecking System and WEST SYSTEM but also many new products, thus expanding and completing our current offer.

You are a professional or a private individual and you need high quality materials? Discover our partnerships, exclusively in France!

The Résine-net brand is a diversified offer of resins for all uses: repairs and shipbuilding, floor or vertical application, swimming pool repair, vehicle flooring or roof waterproofing...

DuFlex is an Australian brand made in Germany which, based on its 20 years of experience, offers solutions in lightweight and high-performance composite panels for the development of simple or complex composite structures, cut to size by CNC. Widely used in the marine, architectural and transport industries.

The PRO-VAC brand offers a complete range of supplies for manufacturing and vacuum bonding. What is vacuum infusion? It is a molding process allowing the realization of all types of parts and particularly privileged for the mass production of large dimension elements such as a boat hull.