PRO-VAC: Comsumable for vacuum infusions

Blue perforated separator film (P3). Used between the tear-off fabric and the net. Limits the rise of resin. 15µ. 230°C

On order. Delay of about 3 to 4 weeks.

€6.65 (VAT incl.)
Separation (or release) film that is used between the tear away fabric and the net to limit the rise of resin. Allows for easier mold release. Designed for high temperature curing of advanced composite materials...
Blue co-extruded vacuum bagging film for infusion. Maximum use up to 177°C. Width: 400cm, thickness: 65microns

Delay of about 2 weeks

€7.55 (VAT incl.)
Ideal for resin infusion and prepreg molding applications. Suitable for all commonly used resin systems. Not suitable for autoclave use for composite processing. PRO-VAC 100-LB-75 IN/PA 4mx150ml Sold by 5 ml minimum
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