KIT 305 2.80F compression resin, 305 2 kg + CPF fast hardener 0.80kg

Epoxy resin for compression moulding processes. Heat activated fast curing for high speed compression moulding processes.

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Reference KIT-305-2.80F
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305 resin is a compression moulding resin for fast cycle times in heat assisted moulding processes of fibre reinforced composites.

The 305 system has a high biological content, excellent fibre impregnation qualities and thixotropic characteristics to limit sag in high temperature curing applications.

High modulus combined with excellent elongation properties results in durable but lightweight composite parts.

Epoxy resin 305 is a USDA BioPreferred product with a 28% biobase content.

Usage: skateboard, skis, snowboards, press moulded composites

Consumption: approx. 3 litres for 2 snowboards or 2 pairs of skis

Tip for use :

  • For best results, mix the two components according to the weight.
  • Always stir the product thoroughly for at least 2 minutes, scraping all surfaces of the container to ensure a homogeneous mixture.
  • Use the product in an environment with cold ambient temperatures or high humidity.
  • For optimum curing performance, ensure that the surfaces are dry and free of all dirt, debris and/or traces of oil. Surface preparation by sanding is strongly recommended.
  • Carry out preliminary tests with the materials and processes being considered to fully understand the curing characteristics of epoxy in your materials working environment.

Available options :

305 CPM resin + CPF fast hardener

Mixing ratio by volume: 2:1

Mixing ratio by weight: 100:40

Mixing viscosity (cPs) at 25°C: 1994

Time of use at 25°C: 20 minutes

Recommended complete curing time: 15 minutes at 82°C

Characteristics: superior adhesion, very low viscosity to facilitate fibre wetting and accelerate polymerisation for high speeds.

305 CPM resin + CPS fast hardener

Mixing ratio by volume: 2:1

Mixing ratio by weight: 100:38

Mixing viscosity (cPs) at 25°C: 1546

Time of use at 25°C: 50 minutes

Recommended complete curing time: 20 minutes at 82°C

Characteristics: superior adhesion, very low viscosity to facilitate fibre wetting.

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