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POXYFIRST (4 kg): two-component epoxy primer for adhesion & resin installation

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PoxyFirst is a two-component epoxy resin for better adhesion on porous or friable substrates.

PoxyFirst is a two-component epoxy primer for the installation of resins, floor paints, waxed concrete on a concrete and its derivatives, and agglomerated wood. It blocks dust by plugging the pores of the support.

Good resistance to wear and tear, to abrasion by acids, bases, oils, gas oils.

Easy to apply, no shrinkage, can be coated with epoxy, polyurethane, waxed concrete.

Average UV resistance

Main uses: primary, anti-dust, zero-hit firing

PoxyFirst must always be covered with another resin.


For a primer, application by roller, 0.250 to 0.400 kg/m² depending on the porosity of the substrate.

For a zero pull, application with a smooth or notched squeegee 1 to 2kg/m².

For a mortar, application with a trowel, for 5mm thickness the consumption is 11 kg/m² and for 10mm thickness the consumption is 22kg/m².

Substrate preparation: Substrates must be dry, free of dust, grease, oil, moisture, curing agent, loose or friable parts and must not be subject to rising damp by capillary action. Stripping is done by mechanical action (sanding, planing, shot-peening, diamond sanding).

Preparation of the mixtures: The components (Comp.A resin + Comp.B hardener) are delivered pre-dosed. They should be mixed for 2.5 to 3 minutes at a speed of 400 rpm with an electric agitator fitted with a helical blade (right-hand pitch) with a diameter approximately 2.5 times smaller than the diameter of the bucket.

For a zero pull: Add quartz HN 34 / HN 38 in a ratio of 1kg for 1kg. Application with a squeegee.

For a mortar: Mix the 2 components first and then incorporate our mortar aggregates or quartz HN 31 in a ratio of 1 kg POXYFIRST (resin + hardener) for 6 kg of quartz or aggregates. Spread the mixture over the fresh primer and trowel it with a steel trowel.

Packaging 4kg
Consumption 0.250 - 0.400 kg/m²
Open time 3h
Color Colorless

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