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VARNISHGLOSS Glossy protective varnish 1kg

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One-component varnish with good UV resistance and high wear resistance. It allows exceptional hardening of friable materials: wormwood, pulverulent cement.

This varnish can also be used for the blocking of terracotta and other porous materials.

Its appearance is brilliant, it is a UV resistant resin recommended whenever yellowing is to be feared.

Use: polished concrete floors, deactivated concrete, creation of anti-dust inside or outside, wood and concrete filler, hardening of porous substrates, printing

Preparation of the mixtures: shake the container for 1 minutes before using the product

Consumption: very variable according to the porosity of the supports, can be covered by a matt varnish.

Application in two layers at a rate of 0.080 kg / m²

ConsumptionVariable according to the porosity of the support 0.080 kg / m² per layer

VARNISHGLOSS instructions

VARNISHGLOSS instructions - Glossy varnish

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