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ECO-100 Teak Cleaner Powder 0.9kg

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Cleaner and brightener for teak.

Free of corrosive acids, caustic soda and phosphates.

Powder mixes easily with water and does not damage teak, joint, or paint.

Safe for the environment.

Approximately 4 litres of mixed solution per 20m².

- 100% eco-responsible, safe for the environment, non-toxic
- To be diluted in water
- No acid, caustic or phosphate soda

The ECO-100 cleaning powder is a cleaner to be diluted in water.

Product conforms to the Florida Clean Marina program standards as well as to the international MARPOL convention.

Also available in 3.6kg and 18kg.


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Packaging 0.9 kilos
Consumption 4 liters of mixed solution for 20m²
Composition Sodium Carbonate (497-19-8) (55%), Sodium carbonate, Peroxyhydrate (15630-89-4) (40%), Sodium bicarbonate (144-55-8) (5%)

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