Epoxy de coulée transparente 2L

Solvent-free two-component epoxy resin with a glass-like crystal finish

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Permakote is a solvent-free two-component epoxy resin with a glass-like crystal finish. It gives a spectacular effect on wood, metal, plastics, ceramics, stone, acrylics...

Preserves photos from yellowing and prevents oxidation of metals. Resistant to water, alcohol, acids and solvents.

Consumption: for a layer of 2 cm with 1 litre (1 L = 1000 cm³), you fill an area of 500 cm² (50x10 cm or 25x20 cm).

For what purpose?
Permakote Epoxy Resin is a transparent casting resin for table tops, counters, bar tops, signs, advertising, plaques, tables, engravings, wood grain photographs, painted surfaces, fabrics...

The tools you will need?
- 1x Foam roller
- 2x measuring pots
- 1x smooth, vertical mixing vessel
- 1x spatula (long enough to reach all corners of the container)
- 1x electric scraper or blowtorch for de-bubbling

Mix ratio?
Mix one part resin to one part hardener. Ratio of 1:1.

Tip: In order to avoid the incorporation of air bubbles, it is important to mix the resin slowly and gently following the shape of an 8 until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Avoid turning quickly (either manually or mechanically) as this will prevent the formation of a vortex which will introduce a large amount of air.

Curing time and working environment ?

Minimum temperature for working the resin: 21°c.

Permakote epoxy resin gels in 45-50 minutes and becomes hard to the touch in 6 hours. This resin needs 4 days to achieve optimum hardness and quality.

21°c- gel time 40min- Dry to the touch 4/6 hours

27°c- gel time 30min-Dry to the touch 3/5 hours

32°c- gel time 15min- Dry to the touch 2/4 hours

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2000 ml
pour une couche de 2 cm avec 1 litre vous remplissez une surface de 500 cm²
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