Slow Curing Agent 212 for Epoxy Infusion 114 Pro-set 1.37kg

Slow Curing Agent 212 for Epoxy Infusion 114 Pro-set 1.37kg

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Reference INF-212-2
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PRO-SET infusion epoxies are ultra-low viscosity systems with a range of hardeners to meet the demands of modern infusion processes.

PRO-SET infusion epoxies meet a wide range of process needs with a single resin and four hardeners. Infusion hardeners range from fast to extra-slow, and can be blended to provide greater versatility for your custom processes.

Can be mixed for targeted cure time.

Epoxies provide lightweight, high-performance composites that will withstand long-term cyclic loading in the harshest environments. They develop excellent physical properties at room temperature and can be post-cured to further enhance performance.

Slow Curing Agent 212 for Epoxy Infusion 114

Very low viscosity for rapid saturation of fiberglass, Kevlar® and carbon fiber laminate with resin infusion and VARTM processes.
Slow cure speed hardener provides 6 to 7 hours of working time at 77°F (25°C). A typical laminate will be gelled in approximately 12 hours.

This combination is formulated specifically for resin infusion and VARTM processes. Do not use in open mold applications.
Room temperature cure properties suitable for many composite components and structures.

Tg as high as 195°F (91°C) with proper post cure providing excellent temperature stability and great part cosmetics.
Cost effective, high performance epoxy formulation for synthetic composite manufacturing.

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