Epoxy for coating TLG-625 12.8kg

Two component epoxy coating TLG-625. Low density epoxy 0.64kg/ liter density for hull and deck patching and profiling. Epoxy used by Princess, working time 90mn at 22 °c.

Packaging of 12.8kg or 20 liter of coating (5m² in 4 mm thickness)

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Two component epoxy TLG-625. Low density epoxy for hull and deck planking and profiling. Epoxy used by Sunseeker and Princess.

12.8kg package

Low density epoxy coating developed for levelling and coating of hulls. Application for construction and repair. Pre-filled epoxy (pre-thickened) to facilitate mixing and application. It is not necessary to add fillers.

Average curing time allowing a working time of 90 minutes at 22°C.

Consumption: 6.4 litres of mixture cover 1m² for 6mm thickness.

Low-shrinkage epoxy allowing application up to 12 mm thick. Additional application is required to fill deeper voids.

Easy sanding due to its low density. Room temperature curing is suitable for many materials. High performance and economical epoxy formulation for the manufacture of synthetic composites.

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8.2 Kg resin, 4.6 Kg hardener i.e. 12.8 Kg epoxy
6.4 liters of mixture cover 1m² for 6mm thickness
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