kit of 6 bright colors for casting resin CCR Entropy

Entropy Liquid Tint Range

Bright colours designed to be mixed with Entropy epoxy resin.

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Entropy liquid colour range

Advantage: Drip system for optimal dosage.

Note: These colours will degrade over time when exposed to direct sunlight and intense UV light. These shades are not intended for permanent outdoor exposure.

Each shade comes in a 25g recycled plastic bottle with a nozzle designed for precise control. Keep in mind that these pigments are dense, so only a small amount is needed,

and that the results will depend on the quantities used. Be sure to practice before pouring and be careful if you want to achieve a translucent look.

In keeping with Entropy Resins' ethos of being environmentally friendly, all of these tints are water-based and are ideal for epoxy river tables, jewellery, moulding applications and surf, skate and snow boards.

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