DuFLEX® Divinycell composite foam panels 2400x1200 mm thickness 17.3 mm

DUFLEX Divinycell 17.3mm

panels 2400x1200mm 2.88m² 3.8 kg/m²

(+Divinycell foam 10mm + on both sides biaxial fiber 600g + epoxy + tear-off fabric)

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Reference DD1015C6
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€496.70 (VAT incl.)
(€172.46 m²)
Option scarf in panel width (2400mm)
Option scarf in panel width (1200mm)
Option panel cut-out 2400x1200 mm in CN

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Panel Detail :

Dimension : 2400x1200 mm

Thickness: 17.3 mm

Weight: 3.8kg/m².

Surface area : 2.88m².

600g of E Biaxial glass on each side of the panel (includes peel-off tissue to protect the laminates from contamination and to reduce the preparation time required before gluing)

  •     Strength
  •     Durability and resistance to damage
  •     Lightness
  •     Dimensionally stable

DuFLEX® panels are specially designed to reduce construction time and optimize the weight of high-performance composite structures. Time-consuming laminating and vacuuming steps normally required to manufacture high-performance composites are avoided, and material waste, labour and tooling costs are significantly reduced. They allow you to concentrate on your high value-added work.  

DuFLEX® foam panels are equipped with either linear or cross-linked structural foam cores. The closed-cell foams in structural panels combine high rigidity and strength-to-weight ratio with superior toughness. The cores are non-friable, contain no CFCs and have negligible water absorption.

The structural foams used in DuFLEX® composite panels offer low weight, excellent rigidity, good impact resistance and good acoustic and thermal insulation.

Typical applications for structural foam panels include ship hulls, decks, superstructures and bulkheads, floors, walls, roof and body panels, front and side skirts, car floors and truck bodies, and long span roofs and bulkheads.

Divinycell® panels offer excellent mechanical properties at low weight. The unique combination of polyurene and pvc, which offers impressive mechanical performance, is ideal for applications subject to fatigue, slamming or impact. Other key features include excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal/acoustic insulation.

Connection between panels: Z-joint (scarf cut option)
DuFLEX® panels can optionally be supplied with both long and/or short edges pre-machined for easy assembly. The Z-joint provides a smooth and even surface profile. The Z-joint must be glued after impregnation with a mixture of epoxy glue and WS409 filler.

Choose the scarf cut option:
If you wish to have a scarf cut in order to facilitate the gluing of the panels, you can choose whether you want the cut in length or width and the number of cuts you wish.

Option cutting of the panels in numerical control :
If you wish to receive your panels pre-cut to your dimensions, you can select this option. You will have to provide us with your plans by email to serviceclient@resine-net.com in DWG format. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.

Contact us on 04 73 91 24 97 for professional price

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2400x1200 mm
2400 mm
1200 mm
17.3 mm
3.8 kg
1 panel
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