Teak Wonder Brightener. Teak brightener and degreaser. 1 Gal (3.78L)

The Teak wonder brightener is a product whitener for teak installed outside to lighten and eliminate the gray of teak.

It is non-aggressive and will not harm boat deck joints, paint or any metal parts on your surface.

Use with Teak Wonder Cleaner ( Cleaning and reviving product) and Teak Wonder Dressing Sealer (protects teak and keeps it looking golden)

Coverage:6 to 8 m² / L depending on the condition of the wood

Packaging:1 Gal (3.78L)

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Teak Wonder Brightener will lighten and remove any gray from teak that may remain after the application of Teak Wonder Cleaner.

The use of Teak Wonder Brightener is not mandatory, it is only necessary on worn and gray surfaces that need to be restored to their original beautiful appearance.

The effect is instantaneous and miraculous, the teak becomes like new again as if it had just been sanded but without loss of wood ...

- To do this, always apply the solution on a wet surface, ideally just after cleaning it, evenly and equally over the entire surface to avoid the patchwork effect.

- Brush the product into the wood in the direction of the grain (avoiding rubbing too much to avoid damaging the teak fibers). The result is instantaneous.

As with Teak Wonder Cleaner, rinse thoroughly with water.

This solution is not aggressive and will not damage boat deck joints, paint, or any metal parts on your surface.

Remember to wipe off any splashes on any surface other than teak.

Once dry, the surface is ready for the final step, protection with Teak Wonder Dressing Sealer

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Teak Wonder
Consumption: 6 to 8 m² / L according to the state of the wood
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