ENTROPY CCF rapid hardener for CCR resin (860kg)

Fast CCF hardener for ENTROPY casting and moulding CCR resin. A clear, low viscosity, UV resistant, bio coloured epoxy designed for casting, inlay and coating applications in high thicknesses (62mm with the fast hardener and 100mm with the slow hardener).

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Reference EH-CCF-IBC
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CCR is a low viscosity, water clear, UV resistant system designed specifically for casting and moulding applications.

Its low viscosity allows bubble-free and crystalline casting, ideal for artistic and leisure applications.

The system features two cure rates: slow (CCS) for high density casting resin applications and fast (CCF) for fast casting resin applications for small projects, such as resin jewellery and others.

CCS is a USDA BioPreferred certified product with a 30% biobase content.

Use: jewellery, thick coatings, castings

Consumption: fast: 250g/231ml for a cube of about 62mm / slow: 1000g/935ml for a cube of about 100mm

Working temperature: between 15°C and 25°C

Tip for use :

  • For best results, measure the correct mixing ratio of two components by weight.
  • Always stir the product thoroughly for at least 2 minutes, scraping all surfaces of the container to ensure a homogeneous mixture.
  • Use the product in a temperature-controlled environment within the optimal limits of the product's use. Avoid cold ambient temperatures or high humidity.
  • For optimum curing performance, ensure that surfaces are dry and free of all dirt, debris and/or oil. Surface preparation by sanding is strongly recommended.
  • Carry out preliminary tests with the materials and processes being considered to fully understand the curing characteristics of the resin in your working environment and the compatibility of the resin with other materials.

Mechanical characteristics:

Tensile modulus (ASTM D638): 3.1 GPa

Tensile strength (ASTM D638): 56.1 MPa

Elongation (ASTM D638): 6%.

Flexural Modulus (ASTM D790): 2.7 GPa

Flexural strength (ASTM D790): 81.7 MPa

Compressive strength (ASTM D695): 85.4 MPa

Ultimate Tg: 51°C

Hardness (shore D): 70-80

Treatment characteristics

Mixing ratio (by volume): 2:1

Mixing ratio (by weight): 100:43

Viscosity (A/B/Mixed at 25°C): 2160/30/370 mPas

Component density (density at 25°C): 1.12 (resin), 0.97 (hardener) gcm-3

Density of the mixture (density at 25°C): 1.08 gcm-3

Time of use (at 25°C): 90 minutes

Dry to the touch (at 35°C): 24 hours

Recommended complete curing: 7 days at 25°C

Environmental features

VOC content (ASTM D2369): 9.2 g/l

Biosourced carbon content (ASTM D6866): 20%.

Characteristics: high transparency and low polymerisation speed, allowing the production of high thicknesses or large castings.

*Attention to humidity and the presence of water. The resin may become opaque. If this is the case, a heat gun must be used.

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