The G/Flex range, the all-purpose and simple epoxy!

Are you familiar with the G/Flex range from WEST SYSTEM?

It is a versatile two-component epoxy glue for the waterproof bonding of various materials: fibreglass, ceramics, metals, plastic, wood, fabrics...

It has been formulated to create structural bonds that absorb the stresses of expansion, blows and vibration.

It is an easy to use glue with a mixing ratio of 1:1. Its working time is 45 minutes and the pot life is 75 minutes at room temperature.

Its polymerization time is 3-4 hours with the possibility of working it after 7-10 hours.

Two types of G/Flex are available, 650 and 655. What makes the difference between these two references and the composition. Indeed, G/Flex 650 is a liquid epoxy that can be modified with fillers. Concerning G/Flex 655, it is an epoxy already pre-filled with silica, giving it a thicker texture.

Different packagings are currently available:

Recently, we were able to test the effectiveness of the G/Flex kit ... This week, the hose on our manager's boat was leaking. After disassembling it, he noticed that it was torn. So he used the G/Flex kit, which he always has on his boat, and was able to repair the hose while the new parts arrived. Sailing was able to resume!

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