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EquiProtect (14 kg): for the protection of livestock floors (ferrets)

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EquiProtect is a three component polyurethane resin-based anti-slip system designed to protect the floors of new and old livestock houses, improving comfort and safety during the transport of animals, whether or not railroaded.

It is a continuous, seamless, non-shrink, waterproof coating that can be applied to steel, aluminium and chipboard. Good resistance to wear, abrasion, acids, bases, oils, gas oils, dung, urine.

High water cleaning, high pressure cleaner.

Do not lay on bakelized wood floors.

Application and mixture preparation :

  •     Substrates must be dry, free of dust, grease, oil, moisture, curing agents, brittle or loose parts.
  •     New or old steel and aluminium metal floors will be sandblasted before installation.
  •     Chipboard floors will be sanded with a n°24 grit and then vacuumed.
  •     Plug any holes
  •     Levelling the vehicle

Pour the Comp B hardener into the Comp A resin and mix for 2-3 min. Empty the entire mixture into a larger container, continue mixing, incorporating 2/3 to 3/4 of the rubber granules until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Application advice :

  •     Mark surfaces on the floor corresponding to the 1.5m² and 3m² kit.
  •     Cover the entire mixture on the floor.

  • Sprinkle the resin surface with the remaining aggregate. Tap the aggregate with a trowel to seal it into the resin. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

24 hours before application of the kit, it must be stored in the same working area as the floor in order to obtain identical temperatures (not below 140°C).

Packaging 14kg

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