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PICKUPPROTECT (15 kg): protection & soundproofing resin for vehicle/pickup floors

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Floor covering for waterproofing and soundproofing the floors of vehicles such as caravans, lorries....

Two-component polyurethane resin, self-smoothing, flexible and studied for the protection and soundproofing of floors of commercial vehicles & trucks.

Continuous, seamless, shrinkage-free, waterproof coating, it can be applied on ribbed sheet metal as well as on wood.

Good resistance to wear, abrasion, acids, oils, etc.

Main uses: commercial vehicle floors


On a corrugated sheet floor, consumption varies according to the height of the rib, generally 7 to 8 kg/m² (application with a 5x5x5 squeegee).

On wooden floors approx. 4 to 5 kg/m² (application with 9x9x9 notched trowel)

Substrate preparation: Substrates must be dry, free of dust, grease, oil, moisture, curing agent, brittle or loose parts. The vehicle must be levelled. Any holes or cracks must be plugged beforehand to prevent the resin from infiltrating them.

Mixing preparation: The components (Comp.A resin + Comp.B hardener) are delivered pre-dosed and should be mixed for 2.5 to 3 minutes at a speed of 400 rpm with an electric agitator fitted with a helical blade (right-hand pitch) with a diameter approximately 2.5 times smaller than the diameter of the seal.

Caution: not suitable for bakelized wood floors!

Packaging 15kg
Consumption Ribbed sheet metal floor: 7 to 8 kg / m² Wood floor: 4 to 5 kg / m²
Open time 30 min
Color Khaki

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