How do I use PickupProtect?

How do I use PickupProtect?

Prerequisite: when handling products such as resin, it is recommended to take precautions. In order to avoid skin contact, it is advisable to wear suitable protective gloves (nitrile or butyl rubber with reinforced backs), face and eye protection (protective goggles), overalls, protective apron, knee pad and breathing protection mask.

Step 1 :
Upgrade your vehicle

Step 2 :
If you have holes, you have to fill them with putty. You can use Teakdecking Systems' putties

Step 3 :
Sanding the vehicle floor by mechanical action with a diamond sander (sanding, brushing, shot blasting or sandblasting). For small repairs you can use a wire brush.

Step 4 :
Vacuum all impurities so that your floor is free of all dirt.

Step 5 :
Clean your floor with acetone using a cloth soaked in acetone.

Step 6 :
Pour component A and B into a bucket (you don't need a scale, the product is pre-dosed). Pour the mixture on the floor and then pull/spread it with a squeegee. We recommend a thickness that covers the ribs. (consumption of approx. 4kg/m² - depends on the ribs)

Step 7 :
Make the wheel arch and the verticals with a brush or a roller.
utilisation du pickupprotect

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