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Adhesive epoxy 10 kg

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Two-component adhesive epoxy with transparent colour. For prefabricated teak decks. Epoxy used by Sunseeker and Princess

Slow curing epoxy allowing a working time of 120 minutes at 22°C. Complete polymerization in 8 to 9 hours.

ADV 170/171 & ADV-270 epoxy cures at room temperature allowing to work with many materials.

High performance thixotropic two-component epoxy that is versatile and has been developed for general use: bonding wood, aluminium, iron, glass, concrete, stone, steel, copper, phenolic, unglazed ceramics, porcelain.

PRO-SET Epoxy ADV-170/AV-270 can bond the above mentioned materials together in any combination.

This epoxy is also used extensively in the electrical industry, civil engineering and pottery.

Consumption: a mixture of 1kg of ADV-170/ADV-270 covers 1m² for a thickness of 0.8 mm. To ensure good bonding between the substrates, the thickness should not be less than 0.4 mm.

Packaging 5 Kg of resin, 5 Kg of hardener i.e. 10 Kg of epoxy
Consumption a mixture of 1kg covers 1m² for a thickness of 0.8 mm