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Matte polyurethane varnish 2.75 KG

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Mattifying bi-component varnish for waxed concrete, colored resins ...

Conditioning: 2.75kg

Color: translucent matte

Two-component polyurethane water-based varnish used for the finishing of concrete floor, terrazo and all types of interior or exterior mineral surfaces.
Used as a topcoat on epoxy cement systems, self-leveling based on epoxy or polyurethane.

Good chemical resistance, in the sun, atmospheric agents, abrasion

Very good adhesion to low porosity substrates

Preparation of the mixture: pour 0 to 10% of water in the resin (component A) according to the climatic conditions. Mix with an agitator at low speed, then add the hardener (component B) without stopping the stirring and until a homogeneous mixture while avoiding the incorporation of air during stirring.

For the second layer, wait minimum 90 minutes and maximum 8 hours (depending on temperature). It is best to apply the layers the same day otherwise it will be necessary to sand with a grain of 120

Consumption: 0.065 to 0.085 kg / m² and per coat

Packaging 2.75kg
Consumption 0.065 à 0.085 kg/m²
Open time 2 hours at 20 ° C
Color Translucent matte

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