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Polyester peel ply 100cm wide

Delay of 2 weeks

2,15 € Tax included

2,15 € per ml

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5

The peel plys fabric allows you to remove the amine-contaminated resin layer. When you resume your work, simply peel ply instead of sanding it again and pick up where you left off. By tearing off the stripping cloth you remove the polluting solvents.

85g/m² heat-set nylon 66®

85g/m² heat-set polyester peel ply fabric (softer than nylon peel ply fabric)

The fabric leaves a finish that can facilitate sanding.

Maximum operating temperature: 180°C

We do not recommend the use of this product with phenolic resins.

It is recommended to store the tear-off tissues in a cool and dry environment. The recommended storage temperature is between 10 and 30°C and relative humidity between 50 and 75%. The tear-off cloth should remain in the packaging until it is used.

Width 100 cm
Material Polyester
Max. operating temperature 180°C