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G/5 Adhesive 5 minutes

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Two-component, quick-drying epoxy (3 to 5 minutes), easy to use. Ideal for fast repairs and general bonding on the boat, at home, in the workshop or at the garage. It can be applied punctually to hold elements in place during bonding.

Its ideal viscosity allows it to penetrate porous surfaces. Adheres to most surfaces: wood, ceramic, metal, leather, plaster, stone, fiberglass, glass, cork, plastic, paper ...

You can add the 403 charge (thickening microfiber charge) to thicken the G/5. Add the load quickly while stirring.

You can also color the G/5 with sawdust, pigments, metal flakes, metal powder ... Add quickly while stirring the epoxy.

G/5 may be wet occasionally but is not intended to be continuously wet or wet.

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