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EpoxyCement (25 kg) : 3-component epoxy mortar for repairing cementitious floors

One week delay for the production of resin

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3-component epoxy mortar (resin, hardener and aggregates) applied with or without primer.

Very good resistance to wear, abrasion and acids, without shrinkage.

Main uses : repairing cement or tiled floors, filling large cavities and cracks, etc.

Consumption :
for 5 mm thickness : 11kg/m².
for 10 mm thickness: 22 kg/m².

Substrate preparation : Substrates must be dry, free of dust, grease, oil, moisture, curing agent, brittle or loose parts and must not be subject to rising damp by capillary action.

Stripping is done by mechanical action (sanding, planing, shot-peening, diamond grinding).

The use of our solvent-free epoxy primer PoxyFirst is strongly recommended for epoxy mortar thicknesses of less than 10 mm.

Mix preparation : The components (Comp A resin + Comp B hardener + Comp C aggregates) are delivered pre-dosed. Components A + B should be mixed for 2.5 to 3 minutes at a speed of 400 rpm with an electric mixer fitted with a helical paddle (right-hand pitch) with a diameter approximately 2.5 times smaller than the diameter of the seal.

Pour the hardener resin mixture into a suitable container (50 litre dustbin) and then add the aggregates (Comp.C). Proceed to mix the whole with a stirrer of sufficient power until the aggregates are completely coated. For quantities greater than 50 kg, use a concrete mixer or a special mixer.

Application : spread the mixture on the floor with a ruler, smooth with a stainless steel or steel float.

In case of a thickness of less than 10 mm a PoxyFirst precoat is necessary at a rate of 0.250 Kg/m².

Packaging 25kg
Consumption for 5 mm thick: 11kg / m² for 10 mm thick: 22 kg / m²
Open time 30 min
Color Sand

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