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Acetone-free spray glue for the preparation of composite structures 500ml

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PRO-FIX is an acetone-free spray adhesive designed for the bonding of dry glass, carbon and aramid fibres (kevlar type) for the preparation of composite structures.

It can also be used to fix base materials - foams and balsa wood - as well as vacuum consumables such as tear-off and breathable fabrics.


Make sure the surfaces to be glued are clean and dry, shake the can well and spray from a distance of 25 cm, hold the can vertically and spray an even layer of glue.

When spraying the glue, keep a smooth movement with your hand to avoid spraying too much glue in one place.

After each application, purge the nozzle by spraying the can upside down.

For optimum adhesion, spray the adhesive on both surfaces, wait about 1 minute to allow the solvent to evaporate, then press the surfaces together.

Store below 50°C and do not expose to direct sunlight, flames or sources of ignition.

Packaging 500 ML
Consumption 15 - 25m²
Type of product Glue