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Epoxy protection paint 5kg

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Bi-component epoxy paint for wall protection, non-shrink, waterproof.
Main uses: laboratory walls, milking parlor painting, dairy walls, any parts to be washed with water

Consumption: The application of 2 roll layers at a temperature of 20 ° C, with a 16 hour interval between each coat, requires 0.400 kg / m² per coat.

Preparation of the supports: applies mainly on vertical supports: plasterboard, agglo, wood ....

The substrates must be dry, free of dust, grease, oil, moisture, curing compound, friable or non-adherent parts and they must not undergo capillary rise of moisture. The stripping is done by mechanical action (sanding, planing, shot blasting, diamond sanding).

The use of our PREPOX solvent-free epoxy primer is recommended for very porous substrates. For steel and aluminum, the preparation of the substrate is done by sandblasting to a degree of care SA 2,5 minimum.

Mix preparation: The components (Comp.A resin + hardener Comp.B) are delivered pre-dosed. They should be mixed for 2.5 to 3 minutes at a speed of 400 rpm with an electric stirrer equipped with a helical pale (not right) diameter about 2.5 times smaller than the diameter of the bucket.

Composition0,400 kg/m² par couche
Open time1h30