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Peel ply 10000x100cm 100m²

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Fabric finely woven and treated with a release agent to which the epoxy does not adhere.

Excellent for grubbing and sanding before applying a new layer

Dimension: 10000x100 cm is 100m²

Weight: 83g / m²

Epoxy consumption: you need 83g of epoxy mix for a layer

The tear-off fabric allows you to save time when, for example, you make stratifications. If you stop your job on Fridays and have not finished, simply put a tear-off fabric to protect your surface from polluting solvents.

The tear-off fabric allows you to remove the resin layer polluted by solvents. When you return to your job site, simply tear off the fabric instead of re-sanding and pick up where you left off. Tearing off the tear-off fabric pulls off the polluting solvents.

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Length 100 cm
Width 10000 cm
Packaging 1 roll
Consumption you need 83g of epoxy mix for a layer

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