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Bonding angles 42 mm L2400 mm (3 ply)

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Composite  Bonding  Angles  have  been  designed  toprovide a quick and effective means for making rightangle  joints  between  composite  sandwich  panels.Bonding  angles  are  faster  and  easier  to  install  thanstandard taped joints and ideal for inaccessible areaswhere fibreglass taping would be difficult.

Bonding Angles consist of multiaxial E-glass in a highperformance epoxy matrix, peel plied on all surfaces,with  the  fibre  direction  tailored  for  optimum  loadcarrying  capability  and  stiffness.

The  angles  are  manufactured  with  peel  ply  to provide  a  textured  surface  to  aid  in  secondary bonding,  and  the  peel  ply  is  removed  prior to supply

The   automatedconstruction   process   ensuresa   consistently    superiorfibre   content   and   high quality finish.

This  combination  of  resin  matrix,  fibre  content  and orientation  assures optimum mechanical  properties while  the  use of  an  epoxy  adhesive  enhances  the bond strength.

Composite Bonding Angles are lighter than equivalent aluminium,  steel  or  timber  sections  with  superior resistance to corrosion and fatigue, and no wet-layupis required as with standard taped sections since theyare simply installed with appropriate surface preparation and an epoxy adhesive.

Typical  applications include  marine-deck,  hull, bulk-head and flooring attachments; road transportation –truck beds, bodies, side walls and bus floor supports;industrial  applications  –  floors,  walls,  roofs  andcabinetry.

Brand DuFlex®
Dimension 2400x42 mm
Length 2400 mm
Width 42 mm
Packaging 1 bonding angle

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