New product

Microporous vacuum line fast flow, blocks the resin, allows air to flow, 300mm wide, 150°C

Delay of 2 weeks

5,42 € Tax included

5,42 € per ml

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5

PRO-VAC HFVL is a cost effective high quality micro porous vacuum line which allows air to flow consistently through itself as well as acting as a resin barrier throughout the vacuum infusion process.

Process benefits

  • Allows for less complex infusion strategies therefore can reduce labour time
  • Excellent vacuum compaction throughout the process resulting in a better quality   laminate
  • Small footprint on the laminate surface
  • Releases easily from all know resin systems
  • Can be used as a sacrificial vacuum line to initiate vacuum once the laminate is wet   out
  • Can be used as a single point vacuum outlet to combat troublesome dry areas in   already established process
  • Does not contain resin after cure therefore no issues with marking due to exotherm
  • Reduced amount of resin required for the process because no resin is wasted in the   vacuum lines and catch pots
Width 300mm
Max. operating temperature 150°C
Type of product Special products