New product

Microporous vacuum line fast flow, blocks the resin, allows air to flow, 150mm wide, 150°C

Delay of 2 weeks

1,31 € Tax included

1,31 € per ml

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5

Microporous vacuum line that allows air to flow constantly and acts as a barrier for resin throughout the vacuum infusion process.

Excellent vacuum compaction throughout the process, resulting in a higher quality laminate.

This product is a combination of products that have been put together to make it easy to use.

Allows for less complex infusion strategies, can therefore reduce work time and consumables used.

Contains no resin after curing, so no marking problems due to exothermicity.

Small footprint on the laminate surface

Easily released from all known resin systems

Can be used as a sacrificial vacuum line to trigger the vacuum once the laminate is wetted

Can be used as a single point of suction to combat troublesome dry areas in an established process

Reduction in the amount of resin required for the process, as no resin is wasted in the vacuum lines and capture jars

Width 150mm
Max. operating temperature 150°C
Type of product Special products