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  • Colle époxy bicomposant pour collage divers.Kit de 2x250g soit 500g de colle | Couleur teck

    16,66 € Before 33,32 € -50% Tax included
  • Glossy one-component lacquer with good resistance to UV and wear. Use on wood, terracotta and other porous materials for outdoor and indoor applications Conditioning: 1kg Color: translucent

    34,51 € Tax included
  • Epoxy mortar for the coating and repair of indoor and outdoor floors. Conditioning: 12.5 (with aggregates) Color: sand

    45,79 € Tax included
  • Polyurethane patch for leveling and smoothing floors Conditioning: 15kg Color: sand

    54,74 € Tax included
  • Bi-component polyurethane resin for waterproof and insulating flooring for caravans, trucks, utilities ... Conditioning: 5kg Color: Khaki

    59,21 € Tax included
  • Two-component epoxy primer for better adhesion on porous or friable substrates. Conditioning: 4kg Color: colorless

    60,98 € Tax included
  • Translucent mono-component acrylic resin for wall stone carpet Conditioning: 4kg Color: translucent Warning: When opened, the resin is white, but once applied, it becomes translucent during polymerization

    66,01 € Tax included
  • Self-leveling bi-component epoxy resin for protection, repair and finishing of floors. Possibility of different anti-slip variants giving it a grainy appearance to ensure the protection of users. Washable with water jet Conditioning: 5kg Color: thank you to count a delay of 1 week of manufacture. To choose your color, please refer to a RAL

    66,83 € Tax included
  • Translucent epoxy resin suitable for multiple applications: floors, collages, molds and repairs Conditioning: 5kg Color: translucent

    76,24 € Tax included
  • Versatile epoxy resin allowing the realization of river (resin of casting) or the realization of stone carpet inside. Conditioning: 5kg Color: colorless

    77,71 € Tax included
  • Epoxy mortar for the coating and repair of indoor and outdoor floors. Conditioning: 25 (with aggregates) Color: sand

    79,69 € Tax included
  • Mattifying bi-component varnish for waxed concrete, colored resins ... Conditioning: 2.75kg Color: translucent matte

    80,93 € Tax included
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